Zombies in America Diane Bailey

ISBN: 9781448855766

Published: December 15th 2011


48 pages


Zombies in America  by  Diane Bailey

Zombies in America by Diane Bailey
December 15th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 48 pages | ISBN: 9781448855766 | 4.32 Mb

Zombies have invaded juvenile and teen literature and cinema. The re-animated undead are generally portrayed as dull, but dangerous -- with a taste for human flesh (especially brains!). Bailey states: “Most people believe that is not possible to actually turn the dead into the undead. But that does not mean there are not zombies among us.”Bailey describes the history of zombies through a series of stories, beginning in New Orleans, where some people practiced voodoo. A primary voodoo god, Li Grand Zombi, used zombies in powerful battles. Next Bailey explores Haitian lore involving zombies.

In Haiti it is a crime to create zombies from living persons. Then, through African slave culture, Bailey turns to zombie tales from the American South.Zombies first appeared on the silver screen in the 1932 movie “White Zombie.” Bailey explores zombies in popular culture. She describes books, movies, and television programs that have led to the recent fixation on “zombie apocalypse.”Bailey does offer some evidence that zombies may be the result of toxins or examples of beliefs so overwhelming as to produce characteristics similar to those attributed to zombies, but most of the book is given over to re-telling disturbing stories and raising speculation.

Still she concludes that “zombies would not exist without the brains of authors and filmmakers, but fortunately, it’s not because they ate them!”Student researchers may find this volume helpful. Readers with an interest in the topic will devour it.

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